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Where food and hospitality become one.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.
Light, tasty, casual ... you have to experience this pleasure yourself. BIO gastronomy with DEMETER certification.
Any dish with soup or salad. Additionally with daily-dessert + € 1,50.
Pasta with gorgonzola sauce, spinach and walnuts, served with salad 13, 50 €
Our salad of the week: colorful summer salad with fresh artichoke and aioli, with wood oven bread from the donkey mill 14, 50 €
Our meal of the week: cereal patties with oven vegetables and herb quark 11, 50 €
Japanese delicacies and delicacies - authentic, fresh and unforgettable tasty.
From Monday to Saturday we have our lunch and our lunch menus
Fresh, surprising, crossover - Café and day bar at one of the most beautiful squares in Stuttgart.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.
Regional classics of Swabian cuisine. Complemented by a selection of food that changes with the seasons.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.
Swabian and alpine cuisine in what is probably the smallest restaurant in the west of Stuttgart.
Closed today
Location & stage. Freshly cooked, seasonal, regional, Mediterranean, simply delicious.
We will have a summer break and will be back for you from the 10th of September.
Japanese cuisine, authentic, fresh and in the middle of Stuttgart.
From Tuesday to Saturday we have our Lunch Specials
Gourmet restaurant. Bar. Cafe. Lounge. Sharing the passion for something special.
From Monday to Friday we have our lunch menu
The best of the region - freshly cooked and without industrial flavor enhancers or artificial additives.
Cooked fresh every day for you
Dear guests, we are taking summer break from 12.08. 2019 to 01.09.2019.